LS16 Experience: Printed Materials

HCW provide the students attending Leadership Studio with the most important conference information at a glance?

I came up with a "bookmark" design that could easily be tucked into the notebooks we gave to the students. Because they had their notebooks on them all weekend to take notes, this was an easy way for them to bring at-a-glance info like the agenda, breakout session locations, and emergency numbers with them. This proved to be more convenient and effective than giving the information digitally, though I also created a conference app that provided expanded information.

bookmark design process

Some of the intermediate steps during the creation of the bookmark

full booklet 1

MUJI Notebook with bookmark, plus short welcome note paperclipped

full booklet 2
booklet in use

Photo by Michelle Baverman

LS16 Experience: Swag

HCW create an conference experience through the materials we give attendees?

It was my job to design the welcome experience of both student and VIP attendees, which required me to think of creative items to give to two sets of users that were cohesive, professional, and energetic.


The mug was one of the ways we went green at LS16. These ceramic mugs were an inexpensive alternative to paper cups or full-on metal travel mugs, that also prevented spillage with the cap. They were a huge hit and several students later ordered them for their own studios.

Photo by Michelle Baverman

thank you gifts

A pint glass with custom cork coasters was my fun-yet-professional gift for all the speakers and VIPs that attended LS16.

Photo by Michelle Baverman

studio bags

Each year at Leadership Studio we send the studios home with a supply of basic materials like Sharpies, Post-its, and prototyping supplies. In the past, students have complained about the kit being too unweidly in a big cardboard box, and hard to transport on a plane back home. I therefore switched to a clear bag design so they could more easily see the contents, and provided smaller bags with which to divide the materials for transportation.

Photo by Michelle Baverman

ls16 table materials

Some of the bag materials

Photo by Michelle Baverman


I created custom nametags for the student and VIP participants. They were color-coded to distinguish between student, staff, and guest, and provided the most important information: name (largest) and position (or DFA studio), with a space below in which to write an "Ask Me About" which acted as an icebreaker.

Photo by Michelle Baverman


Because who doesn't love a good branded pocket tee?

Photo by Michelle Baverman

Branding Redesign

HCW create branding guidelines that incorperate national (cross-studio) and internal office needs in a way that provides flexibility to individual studios and is useful to non-designers?